Ron’s Toaster Story

Ron Sukenick Systems

Ron Sukenick ToasterHave you ever seen a Toaster before?

I’m sure you have.

Work’s pretty well doesn’t it?

Typically most toasters have a button or switch on the side that makes the toast lighter or darker.

Of course you’ll take the slices of bread and place them in the slot on the very top.

You’ll pull the lever down and then if you want, you can go to the refrigerator to get the juice and when you come back you’ll have toast. Right?

My question to you is: Who is making the toast? (take a few moments to think about this)

Correct. It’s the toaster.

Keep in mind that I won’t ask you any trick questions.

Now help me out, why is the toaster making the toast? (take a few moments to think about this)

If you’re telling it’s because that’s the toaster’s job, you’re right.

You see, it’s a system for making toast and it’s the toasters job.

It’s reliable and predictable isn’t it?

So think about it.

If the toaster is responsible for making the toast, what’s your job with the toaster? (take a few moments to think about this)

Once again. If you going to tell me that it’s your job to make sure it’s plugged in and place the bread in the toaster, in essence you’re telling me that you manage the toaster. Is that correct? If you’re saying yes, you’re right on.

So what’s the message?

The message is that toaster’s make toast. And your job is to simply manage the toaster.  So if we’re going to learn anything from this metaphor, it’s that systems build businesses.

And that your job is simply to manage the systems.

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