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Praise for 21 Days to Success with LinkedIn: This book should be re-titled 21 Days to the LinkedIn Mother Lode…A gold mine of tips on how to use LinkedIn to succeed.Jeffrey Hayzlett -- TV and Radio Host & Chairman C-Suite Network

Praise for 21 Days to Success with LinkedIn: The book is freaking great! VERY easy to read and hits on exactly the pertinent LinkedIn tips and strategies. Featuring amazing people like Victoria Ipri, Donna Serdula, Jason Alba, Melonie Dodaro, Wayne Brietbarth, Mike O’Neil and others, I would recommend it for anyone who is wanting to learn LinkedIn as well as long time users who need a brush-up! And did I mention it was very readable? And oh yeah, UP TO DATE (unlike mine.) Nicely done Ron Sukenick and Ken Williams! Viveka von Rosen - LinkedIn Expert & Author

Praise for 21 Days to Success Through Networking: “Sukenick & Williams offer sage relationship-building advise in a creative manner that keeps readers interested and intrigued. This book will help you advance your business and your career.”Lillian Bjorseth -- Author, "Breakthrough Networking: Building Relationships that Last"

Praise for 21 Days to Success Through Networking: If you want to improve your networking skills in a hurry, this inspiring parable is the quick and easy read that’ll get you there.Debra Fine -- Author, :The Fine Art of Small Talk"

The Power is in the Connection is a breath of fresh air. Finally someone has addressed the subject of networking in an origin and authentic way. Michael Gerber -- Author, The E-Myth Books

This work in my opinion will take the networking process to another level. Ron Sukenick is certainly one of America’s LEADING AUTHORITIES on the topic. Ivan R. Misner, Ph.D -- Founder, Business Network International

Ron Sukenick understands the power of belongingness and human connection in deep and authentic ways. Even better, he is a masterful teacher for helping others to realize their potential for building these essential relationships.Kathleen Brehony, Ph.D -- Author of "Living a Connected Life: Creating and Maintaining Relationships that Last

Ron Sukenick has CAPTURED STRATEGIES for business and life that emphasize the importance of building relationships and connecting. Linda Rendleman -- Founder of Business Women Connect

As someone who's been in the Chamber of Commerce work for nearly thirty years, I can tell you EVERYTHING is about relationships! The more tools a person has to enhance relationships with other individuals and organizations, the better chance that person has to be successful. Ron Sukenick really walks the talk on networking. John S. Myrland -- Fmr. President, Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce

Ron’s research and strategies CLEARLY SUPPORT THE VALUE of making strong connections.Author, Power Networking, People Power

A TRUE HIT with delegates. Ron, when my delegates need another 'shot in the arm,' I will be calling you.J. Staton -- Executive Director, Air Force Sergeants Association
Your PRESENTATION was one of the HIGHEST RATED. Your QUALITY PERFORMANCE contributed to a successful convention.James S. -- President, Snack Food Association

Your presentation was a GREAT SUCCESS.M. Doom - President, Kentucky Tourism Council
Your seminar was EXCELLENT. Some of the comments received from the attendees were: ‘INCREDIBLE,' 'The BEST SEMINAR I ever attended,' 'FUN AND INFORMATIVE,' and 'GREAT SPEAKER.'C. English -- Michigan Home Builders Association

Your high energy level has been contagious. One of the BEST SPEAKERS we ever had.B. Burkhardt - Indiana Manufactured Housing Association
Wow. I am so impressed with what Ron Sukenick is doing to really make a difference in personal and professional relationships. If you think you have seen, read, and done it all...think again. Success truly comes in all areas of our life if we continue to build relationships.Sally Brown - Fmr. President, Ambassadair Travel Club and Ambassadors for Children