Relationship Rules

Ron Sukenick Relationships, Rules, Strategy

Rules are defined by Webster’s New World Dictionary as an established regulation or guide for conduct.

The definition for the purpose of this blog is to reinforce that each of us brings rules to our relationships based on many personal factors.

These personal factors, to name a few, may include personality characteristics, boundary preferences, time availability or urgency, level of experience, geographical or global factors, comfort level, life focus, or monetary needs and constraints.

The rules that emerge are based on the reason for the relationship, the length of the relationship, the level of established trust, and the degree of confidence that exists.

Rules constantly change as the relationship changes. While rules may become formal or contractual, rules are often informal. Relationship rules provide guidelines and clarify expectations for your own and your partner’s interaction.

Simply put, rules are the conditions for relationship.

Remembering to look at these rules from time to time helps uncover whether the relationship rule continues to serve you well, or whether suspending or replacing the rule would serve the relationship better.