Interdependence… Dependence… Independence… Interdependence

Ron Sukenick Mindset, Relationships

Understanding this keeps us mindful of continually developing interdependence for ourselves and recognizing our contributions to the success and potential of another.

As part of a larger interdependent world, we have the continued opportunity to receive and give back, becoming liberated and independent, and contributing to liberation and independence for others.

One of the central features of relationships is our awareness of interdependence. We move from seeing ourselves as separate from one another, to seeing ourselves as connected and interdependent with one another.

A process of interdependence allows us, as individuals to be STRONG enough to be dependent when new behaviors, new skills, and new learning are required. When we are able to do this in an interdependent world, we move toward independence and self-reliance.

When interdependent behavior is high, individuals are making connections continuously, providing help and asking for help. Individuals are connecting others to others—and therefore strengthening connections in a web of relationship that far exceeds you and me.

When independent behavior is high, individuals are focusing on their individual success and are more apt to be self sufficient and self-reliant. Overly independent, individuals may not make the connections they need to continue to grow personally and professionally or to contribute to the success of others.

When interdependence is practiced and embraced, independence is a natural product. Individuals are able to get needed support and better move in relationship with the world.

Recognizing that there is a time for dependence allows us to move to full potential by first suspending our independence. For many of us, this is a very vulnerable place. Becoming vulnerable in all aspects of our lives will help us ask for the help we need, and to better move easily in and out of relationship as we develop new and untested processes.

Fostering an interdependent environment creates an incredible web of support that is transformative to one’s life and to the world!