Ron Sukenick's Speaking Presentations

Ron Sukenick Speaking Presentations

Ron Sukenick is a nationally renowned speaker and presenter and offers custom programs and presentations based on your specific needs and audience. From keynote speaking to partial or multi-day programs and workshops, Ron delivers relevant and practical information in an engaging and memorable presentations.

Ron’s speaking presentations offer participants a wealth of practical, relevant strategies. Ron offers a set of dynamic presentations and can even customize a topic for your specific needs.  Learn more about these popular topics:

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Ron Sukenick's Speaking Presentations

Ron Sukenick Speaking Presentations

Don’t have time for a full-day workshop?  If you’re looking for a keynote, or want to schedule a morning or afternoon seminar, Ron’s speaking presentations offer participants a wealth of practical, relevant strategies. Ron offers a set of dynamic presentations and can even customize a topic for your specific needs.  Learn more about these popular topics:

21 Days to Success Through LinkedIn and Embracing the Power of LinkedIn

Presentations can be tailored to a keynote presentation, half or full day training program.

If you’re not using LinkedIn to grow your business, you’re missing out on new leads, clients and relationships. Ron offers training programs to help you and your organization become inspired to understand WHY you’re on LinkedIn and how to maximize every opportunity to drive business to your company and create valuable relationships.

Target Audience: People who desire to better understand the power of the world’s largest business networking database.

Learning Objective: All the training in the world means nothing unless you are inspired to embrace the topic you are learning about.

The Learning Objective for this program is to Inspire the participants to Embrace the Power of LinkedIn as well as knowing everything they need to know in producing a successful LinkedIn experience.

21 Days to Success Through Networking

This presentation can be tailored to 1-3 hours.

Target Goal:  Participants will receive an overview of the concepts presented in 21 Days to Success Through Networking. 

Learning Objective: Those who want to quickly ramp up their networking skills & those who want to build their confidence and improve the results of their networking activities.  Based on the information outlined in his popular book by the same name, Ron teaches you how to make the most of every networking opportunity, offering little-known tips for overcoming fear, remembering names, pitching yourself, closing the sale, and other necessary skills.

In addition, he introduces his innovative focus on NetBeing as a much better alternative to networking:

  • Networking means shaking hands and passing out business cards and developing a multitude of contacts, which served as our primary method for finding new clients and providing referrals.
  • NetBeing goes beyond networking and focuses on transforming mere business contacts into real relationships that are mutually supportive, purposeful, creative, and rewarding. With a strategic focus, the relationship continues to evolve as current projects fade so that no matter the status of the relationship, it continues to benefit the participants.


The Power is In The Connection

Target Audience: People who want to take their networking to the next level by leveraging the power of those connections to considerably improve their ROI.

Target Goal: To teach participants about what to do after the networking event to harness the true value of those connections.

Built from another of his successful books, Ron shows you how to harness the power of the networking relationships to dramatically improve your ROI. Throughout this workshop, Ron outlines fifteen specific strategies that will strengthen your relationships, both business and personal, and he’ll show you how to apply those strategies immediately to improve the outcome for all involved.

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Ron Speaks To The Military

Ron is a United States Army Reserve Retiree and Vietnam Veteran and speaks often to Military groups.

Ron has been under contract with the Department of Defense for the last 11 years as one of 25 National Speakers for the Office of the Secretary of Defense in the Yellow Ribbon program where he speaks to service members and their families before – during – and after deployments.

So in essence, Ron comes knowing and understanding how to talk to a Military population.

Below is a partial list of some of his most requested programs:

  • Emotional Cycle Of Deployment
  • Keep Communication Going
  • Putting Positive Into Action
  • Stress Management
  • Transformational Growth
  • Creating a Family Communication Plan...
  • Hunting for the good stuff
  • Finding Balance
  • Building and Strengthening your personal network
  • Embracing the Power of LinkedIn
  • Anger Management
  • The Power of Family Programs
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