Ron's Coaching Programs

As rewarding as it is to attend one of Ron’s seminars, imagine how much more value you’d find with him as your personal networking coach!  Ron’s Relationship Strategies Institute provides a variety of business development and coaching services, tailored specifically to your unique situation.

Networking Coaching

Turn contacts into clients with one of America's leading networking authorities.

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Over the course of two coaching sessions, Ron will introduce and expand upon the ideas in his Amazon bestseller, 21 Days to Success Through Networking.

During these sessions, Ron will foster powerful discussions so that his students can learn not just from him, but from each other. Available for both individual and group settings.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Instantly engage someone in compelling conversation
  • Turn contacts into relationships, and relationships into business
  • Develop a successful system to make networking work for you
  • Build a community of partners that will help each other grow
  • Use social networks to meet new people and build your business

LinkedIN Coaching

Embrace the power of LinkedIn!

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Do you feel overwhelmed with LinkedIn? Not sure how to get started? Uncertain about what to do?

As a LinkedIn consultant, trainer, coach and speaker, I work with individuals and organizations to teach them how to use LinkedIn efficiently and effectively. I will help you understand that LinkedIn is a powerful business tool, not just another social media platform.

All the training in the world means nothing unless you’re inspired to Embrace the Power of LinkedIn. This coaching program can be designed for individuals or groups. Coaching is divided into two working sessions - in person or via Zoom. This program also includes a comprehensive LinkedIn profile review, suggested revisions, and strategy development.

Coaching For Authors

Specialized training for people who are currently writing or thinking about authoring a book

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Have you often felt that there was a topic you were so passionate about that you knew you could write an entire book about it? Have you ever dreamed about writing a book, but had no clue how to start?

If this sounds like you at all, then you’re the perfect candidate for my Coaching for Authors program. I’ve now had four books published, and I want to share the experiences that I've learned in my journey.

How I can help you become a successful author:

  • Inspiration for moving forward in writing your book
  • Strategy and guidance for creating your book concept
  • Assistance with connecting you to an editor if needed
  • Direction on how to bring the design element together 
  • Suggestions and guidance on the publishing process
  • Create a powerful marketing campaign for the book launch

Coaching For Speakers

If you have a passion for your work, and the ability to get up in front of people and deliver a message, public speaking can become a meaningful source of income.

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I’ve been speaking for over 20 years and have been getting paid to do so. Many people use the platform of public speaking as a way to position themselves as experts and generate additional income from their current line of work.

How I can help you become a successful speaker:

  • How to craft an effective and engaging message
  • Full understanding of how the speaking business works
  • How to find and land the right speaking opportunities
  • Helpful tricks of the trade and insider tips from a veteran speaker
  • Answer any questions you have about public speaking

This one-on-one coaching program will provide you with all the personalized guidance, inspiration and resources you need to launch a successful speaking career.

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