Print Edition: Thinking Points for Connecting Forward


Thinking Points for Connecting Forward has been put together to help you in building your relationship mindset.

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by Ron Sukenick & Jane George Surges

Imagine for a moment easily making personal and professional connections with others. Imagine tapping into your skills naturally, and establishing contact with individuals along the way. Thinking Points for Connecting Forward has been put together to help you in building your relationship mindset. At your own pace and suggesting that you read a minimum of at least one quote a day, you’ll find the quotes and bits of wisdom as a catalyst to help your thinking about the concept of relationship.

Read just a small sampling of what’s in this 60 page booklet:

In the Attention to a Relationship section

  1. Human beings throughout the world share fundamental needs. Human beings have a need to be in relationship.
  2. With another there is an opportunity for individual and mutual growth and support.
  3. Individuals have the opportunity to reach individual potential far beyond what they are able to do on their own, and to co-create when truly engaged in relationship.

A person is drawn into relationship based on the joy of interacting with another person who shares a similar view of the world and incorporates fun, ease, energy, reliability, and creativity into the interaction.

Strategy One:

Live Life Purposefully: The Relationship Within

  • Personal awareness and self-knowledge emerges out of self-reflection.
  • Once you see your life purpose more clearly, you will make more purposeful choices, and better see yourself, the person in front of you, and the opportunities that are possible together.

Strategy Three:

  • Declare Your Interdependence & Cooperation: Your Independence is a Direct Result
  • All accomplishment, all satisfaction, all success, all progress that we as human beings have experienced has been based on our interdependence with others.
  • From interdependence and cooperation comes even greater independence, self leadership, and self reliance.

Strategy Six:

  • Consistently Doing the Little Things: Make the Big Difference
  • Ask people, what “one thing” would help them right now move their personal or professional life forward. Help them by providing resources, or connecting them with others to make it possible.

Strategy Seven:

  • Create Unparalleled Visibility: Learning to be Seen and Heard
  • If all the people I connected with knew between 200 to 300 people, then I would literally have access to between 2 to 3 million people.

Strategy Nine:

  • Travel at the Velocity of a Fast Paced World: Flowing at the Speed of Change
  • How can you can respond seamlessly, effectively, and efficiently, using velocity to support building solid relationships?
  • Building relationships quickly builds greater confidence and strengthens the possibility of synergy between people.

Strategy Eleven:

  • Move Into Legendary Status: Going From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary
  • Doing what is expected, doing a good job, or getting complements doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re exceeding people’s expectations.
  • It’s when your doing things that are not expected and doing a great job, that you’re getting closer to exceeding others expectations.