LinkedIn Bundle 4


LinkedIn Coaching + LinkedIn Profile Writing + LinkedIn Lead Generation bundle. Save 15%!



LinkedIn Coaching + LinkedIn Profile Writing + LinkedIn Lead Generation

All Three Products Individually Equal $1429. With your 15% Discount, You Save $215!

Here is what you get:

LinkedIn Coaching: $459

  • Learn how to best use LinkedIn to grow your business
  • Get optimized for greater LinkedIn visibility
  • Develop an effective connection strategy
  • Profile review and suggested revisions for LinkedIn success
  • Create a strategy for using LinkedIn to your best advantage
  • Review and finalize your LinkedIn profile
  • Engage in LinkedIn feature training live on LinkedIn
  • Learn to use LinkedIn Groups to your advantage
  • Answer any LinkedIn related questions that you may have

LinkedIn Profile Writing: $395

We will bring your profile up to speed by completing the following:

  1. Create a compelling headline that is keyword and target audience focused.
  2. Write up an about section that clearly describes what you do and how you help your target audience.
  3. Populate your experience section with relevant roles and key accomplishments.
  4. Add relevant and sought-after skills.
  5. Get recommendations to aid in social and professional credibility (this requires your work with our guidance).
  6. Add groups so you can interact with your target audience.
  7. Add relevant education, awards, certifications, licenses, trainings, etc.

LinkedIn Lead Generation: $575

  1. Together we’ll identify the types of people you want to connect with (including their title, industry, location, and more).
  2. My team will research and compile a list of people who fit within your target audience and are active on LinkedIn.
  3. We will then submit the contact list to you for your review and approval.
  4. Together we’ll craft a connection message to send along with the invites.
  5. After approval, we will send out 20 connection requests a day Monday through Friday for a total of 100 a week for 4 weeks.
  6. The expectation is that a minimum of 20% of the people we ask to connect will accept the invites.
  7. Together we’ll craft a thanks for connecting response, which my team will send out to everyone who connects.
  8. While there is no guarantee on the amount of connections requests that are accepted, the expectation is that a minimum of 20% will accept your invite, which translates to about 80 new 1st degree connections within 4 weeks.