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Do you have a book in you? I can help.  

Have you often felt that there was a topic you were so passionate about that you knew you could write an entire book about it?

Have you ever dreamed about writing a book, but had no clue how to begin or what to do?  

If this sounds like you at all, then you’re the perfect candidate for my Coaching for Authors program. I’ve now had four books published, and I want to share the experience that I have learned in my journey. Like all good things in life, let’s start at the beginning…

Does this sound like you?

Back in 1979, I had the impression that I had a book in me.

So I went out to the bookstore and found a book titled How to Self-Publish Your Own Book by Tom and Marilyn Ross. I remember reading it from front to back multiple times and felt that I was on my way.

But as we all know, things get in our way. For whatever reason, the book never became a reality until September 1993. That’s a whopping 14 years later – Wow!

Here’s how it all happened:

I was speaking to a small group of business owners at a local restaurant about how people in business can network their way to success. Unknown to me at the time, an acquisition editor from Kendall Hunt – a $50 million publishing company – was one of the people sitting in the audience listening to me.

At the end of the presentation, he came up to me and said, “I love the message and the passion you have for your topic, and if you would consider writing a book, I think we would have an interest in publishing that for you.” I told him that I have had the interest in writing that book for years and would entertain that opportunity.

Within a few weeks, I had a letter of intent, a publishing agreement and all the necessary information on how to deliver the manuscript to the company. At that moment, I was off and running to write my first book with the hopes that it would be published.

That dream came true when Networking Your Way to Success was released in September 1995.  

Since then, I have written the following books:

What the Coaching for Authors Program includes:

  • Inspiration for moving forward in writing your book
  • Strategy and guidance for creating your book concept
  • Assistance with connecting you to an editor if needed
  • Direction on how to bring the design element together 
  • Suggestions and guidance on the publishing process
  • Create a powerful marketing campaign for the book launch

The Coaching for Authors Program starts at $595. Depending on how we work together and what you need from me, your investment will range anywhere from $595 – $1500.

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