Audio CD: Thinking Points for Connecting Forward


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Imagine for a moment being able to easily make personal and professional connections with others.

Imagine tapping into your skills naturally, establishing connections, and building trust and rapport with individuals along the way.

Thinking Points for Connecting Forward has been put together to help you in developing your relationship mindset.

In this audio CD version of the Thinking Points for Connecting Forward booklet, you’ll hear quotes and bits of wisdom to build your knowledge and understanding of the concept of relationships.

Here’s a small sample of the relationship strategies you’ll discover in this CD:

  • Live Life Purposefully: The Relationship Within
  • Declare Your Interdependence & Cooperation: Your Independence is a Direct Result
  • Consistently Doing the Little Things: Make the Big Difference
  • Create Unparalleled Visibility: Learning to be Seen and Heard
  • Travel at the Velocity of a Fast Paced World: Flowing at the Speed of Change
  • Move Into Legendary Status: Going From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary