21 Days to Success Through Networking Coaching Program


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Turn Contacts Into Clients With One of America’s Top Networking Authorities

No one is an island. And neither is any business. Every enterprise needs clients, customers, and partners. Finding them isn’t always easy, and finding them is rarely enough, either. How often do you buy from someone you just met? Turning potential clients into actual clients is much harder than simply drawing a line through the word “potential.”

Ron Sukenick, one of America’s top networking experts, knows better than anyone not just how to make connections, but how to build meaningful relationships and turn those contacts into clients.

Over the course of four interactive group meetings, Ron will introduce and expand upon the ideas in his Amazon bestseller, 21 Days to Success Through Networking. During these sessions, Ron will foster powerful discussions so that his students can learn not just from him, but from each other.

The 21 Days to Success Through Networking Coaching Program Will Teach You How To:

  • Instantly engage someone in compelling conversation
  • Turn contacts into relationships, and relationships into business
  • Develop a successful system to make networking work for you
  • Build a community of partners that will help each other grow
  • Use social networks to meet new people and build your business

By the time you finish, you’ll have what it takes to network more effectively and productively than ever before. No one is born a perfect networker. It takes practice and, more importantly, knowledge to succeed.

Why spend years learning by trial and error when you can learn from a master networker in just four weeks?

For more information on this workshop, please contact Ron Sukenick here.