Interview with Dawn Pici: Adapting to People using DISC

Ron Sukenick Dawn Pici, PODCAST

Dawn Pici is part of the dynamic Pici & Pici training team.

A business strategist, speaker, trainer, & author, Dawn Pici is the Co-developer of Rapport Mastery& Coauthor, Sell Naked on the Phone Fueled by Greatness

Dawn has a proven track record teaching business leaders & professionals to drive sales, attract & retain top talent, decrease employee turnover & workplace conflict, improve communication & morale, increase repeat business & customer loyalty, boost efficiency & productivity, & deliver compelling, engaging presentations

Listen in as Dawn discusses with Ron the DISC model of human behavior and how to better adapt to people in developing your connection strategy. And as always, we jump onto LinkedIn and discuss some little know ninja tricks to help you navigate your way through the platform.