Relationshift – Relationships Never End, They Just Shift

Ron Sukenick Networking, Relationshift, Relationships, Strategy

The spirit of the word relationshift reflects that a relationship never really ends, it simply flows into something else.

Through a relationshift, the relationship becomes relevant or figural again when time, opportunity and a mutual focus reemerges.

The concept of relevance further expands the definition to consider the questions of who, why, when, where, and how.

We have changing needs and we need to ask a host of questions as we go forward in relationships.

Paying attention to relevance in a given situation keeps an “on-target” focus toward developing that which currently aligns to what is most important to self and the other. In short, relevance is constantly changing. That is the very reason attention to the shift taking place in relationship is important.

While the relevance of the relationship is changing in the present, it is also imperative for all of us to understand that relationships, as a whole, always have been and always will be shifting!

A collaboration ending now, may come back again twenty years from now. Relevance reemerges, if you will, around a common goal.

Developing a meaningful and quality relationship is the lifeblood of taking your personal and professional relationships to the next level–lifting up and helping others along the way.

When we look at a relationship with these eyes, we see that we can easily pick up again as we move forward in our personal and professional life.