Referral Clubs Big Attraction

Ron Sukenick Networking

In a world that has radically changed for small businesses succeeding in today’s economy, the role of relationship building and referral giving is at an all time high.

Ask any small business owner today how they meet people best and undoubtedly they will state that they always meet them through recommendation.

But go on to ask if they have all the referral business they can handle, and that answer is almost always no.

So what’s the paradox you ask?

It’s simple. People are so preoccupied with building their own business, it’s becomes difficult to take the time to help others.

But that doesn’t make any sense. In fact, from my understanding of people, and the trends I’m seeing in the small business community, the desire for success hasn’t changed. What’s changing is simply the way we get there.

People are coming together today to help one another get ahead.

And what’s exciting is that structured referral programs enter the picture in a big way.

In a structured, fun, fast moving agenda, businesses can meet weekly for the sole purpose of getting to know one another and with the intention of passing qualified referrals to one another.

In fact, a great running referral system can easily provide the following benefits to anyone in business.

Benefits from a structured referral giving program

1. Lead Generating System

This comes as a result of members inviting guests weekly to experience the group. Not everyone becomes a member. But everyone can easily become a good beginning for a relationship that will never end.

2. Business Building System

A business building system is a predictable and reliable approach with a structured agenda to provide business to one another. Simply said, it’s a part of the agenda at every meeting in which referrals are given to all in attendance. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss.

3. Relationship Building System

If we’re thinking long term, and want to build a business that succeeds, we have to go after the relationship. It’s too often that people in business are looking for leads and not understanding the real value of building relationships.

Think about it. How easy is in to get referrals with people you don’t know? That’s right. It’s not easy.

What’s great about referral groups is that they meet weekly with the clear intention of building relationships.

From my experience, if you can get up to six interactions with anyone, and at the same time provide mutually beneficial experiences, it’s likely you’ll have the beginning of a relationship that will never end.

That’s why weekly referral is catching on like fire.

While Gold Star Referral Clubs are not the only referral clubs around, after spending 30+ years around the world of networking, Gold Star is the latest and what I feel the greatest and most improved system for building business around.

I liked their system so much; I decided to become one of their national directors!

To learn more about Gold Star as a business building system, become one of our directors, or simply discuss the world of people connecting with people, schedule a call with me.