Making the Most From Your Networking and Relationship Building in 2022

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Leap from 2021 to 2022

Are you successfully making the leap into 2022?

As I move closer to any new year, I always have a tendency to self-reflect and ask the following question…

“What can I do to create a bigger impact in how I network and build relationships, and at the same time, support the networking and relationship efforts of others?”

In addition to what I’m suggesting, please feel free to share your thoughts on what you would add to this list!

Here are my top 14 suggestions for greater business relationship and networking success ONLINE and FACE TO FACE in 2022.

1. Invest more TIME and become highly sociable on Social Media

Do face-to-face 1-to-1s on Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc. Invest time with the people you are meeting.

Get more active on social media by posting content and engaging with others. Platforms that make sense for me are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Pick a few platforms that work best for you and prioritize them.

The biggest investment you will make in building relationships and building your business is TIME. Simply stated, the more you know and understand others, the more likely that your relationships will flourish.

2. Stay PURPOSE Driven 

If relationships are going to be at the forefront of your networking activities, then you first have to strengthen your relationship with yourself.

Self-reflection and figuring out your purpose, vision, and reason for being is an important part of that process. If you don’t take the time to step back and work on yourself, then who will?

Check out this 16 minute video I did for the Walk the Talk series in Indianapolis on the topic of finding purpose.

3. Create Unparalleled VISIBILITY

The bottom line for more business in 2022 is simply becoming more visible. That means getting targeted with face to face and online social networks.

While Facebook is a cool place to hang out, consider strengthening your profile and connection base on platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter to make more of a professional impact worldwide.

Also, take a closer look at the micro sites that are more localized to the area where you are marketing your services and creating impact.

4. Go After the Relationship, Not Just the Sale (Develop RELATIONSHIP Strategies)

Everyone talks about relationships. Now you can do something about it. A relationship strategy is anything that you can do that adds value to others. Strategies put you in command and control of your relationship mindset. Don’t just talk about it. Do something about it.

If you would like a list of 15 top relationship strategies to begin working with, then download a free copy of my Relationship Strategies Blueprint.

Do you know how to effectively connect with business contacts to make the most out of your meetings? Find out by taking this brief Relationship Mindset Assessment.

5. Relentlessly Follow Up

Think about some of the recent networking events you attended, whether it was face-to-face or on Zoom, and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. From the people you met, how many actually followed up with you? How many sent you a note by mail or email, made a connection request on LinkedIn, or gave you a phone call and said, “What a pleasure it was meeting you at the recent any-town Chamber of Commerce or other networking event”?
  2. Ask yourself the same question – How many did you actually follow up with via a note, an email, or even a phone call?

See what I mean? I told you so! Nobody is following up with anybody.

If you need a simple follow-up system that works every time, then check out my free resource — The Magic of Six.

6. Be in a HURRY 

The biggest driving force in our country and across the world continues to be speed. People want what they want. And they want it NOW! Take the moment and dance with it. Be in a hurry to get better connected on LinkedIn and position yourself as a resource without thinking that you have to sell something.

7. Embrace the Power of Linkedin

With my recent #1 Amazon Best Seller, 21 Days to Success with LinkedIn, I’m always amazed at how many people I meet who have a lack of understanding on how to maximize the potential of the largest professional database in the world.

They have no connection strategy, they don’t have a completed profile, and in many cases, they have no sense of purpose on WHY they are even on LinkedIn.

So what’s my message? Find a LinkedIn coach and get going. If you can’t find one, then get in touch with me. Better yet, take advantage of a FREE 30 minute call and let’s explore how I can help you embrace the power of LinkedIn.

8. Increase Your FREQUENCY of Interaction 

Increased interaction brings increased cooperation with others. People often fail to follow up with others after their initial meeting. If you can get up to six interactions with anyone, it’s likely that you’ll have a good beginning to a relationship that will never end. Revisit suggestion #5 for more on this concept.

9. Share Your REFERRAL CLUB Experience

There are many people in business today who are not happy with the amount of business they are doing, the amount of profits they are earning, and the amount of sales they are making.

That’s the exact reason why business referral groups like Gold Star Referral Clubs, BNI, AmSpirit and LeTip are achieving such great success.

When you find a group of dedicated business professionals that meet weekly in a structured environment, with the sole purpose of building relationships and passing referrals to one another, it’s a sure win-win.

If you’re interested in setting up your own business referral club under the Gold Star banner, visit this link for more information. Then call me at 317-696-1367 or e-mail me at to talk more about it.

10. Connect the Dots as Often as You Can (Make the Most From the Small World Phenomena)

When was the last time you heard that infamous expression, “It’s such a small world, isn’t it?” Keep in mind that the power in your networking efforts is always in the connection.

Did you know that the connection between you and the people you’re meeting is never just between you and the people you’re meeting?

It’s between you, them, and something else that you have in common. If you want to learn more about this process, check out this article on how to turn contacts into purposeful connections.

11. Develop PERSONALITY Insights

If the biggest investment we make in building relationships is time in getting to know others, then we have to gain greater insights into ourselves and better understand how we can ADAPT to others.

If I understand you, and you understand me, doesn’t it make sense that we will get along better? The DISC model of human behavior is a proven model to do just that.

12. Become the Most Interested Person in the World 

Very often I see people attempting to get others interested in them. Let’s face it… Networking is awkward, hit and miss, situational, lacks support, and is often all about the other person.

Instead of wanting people to be interested in you, simply become the most interested person in the world. You’ll be surprised at how much easier it becomes to get people interested in you.

13. Don’t Manage People (Manage the System)

Systems build business and are more predictable and reliable.

In a networking environment, it’s very difficult to get people to do what you want them to do. If you could, it would have to be out of their own willingness to get it done. My suggestion is that you stick to a predictable system that works every time.

I use my Toaster story as a metaphor for how you can build relationships with the use of a system. You can also check out the video where I explain this concept.

14. Listen Three Times as Much

When you speak, you learn what you know. When you listen, you learn what others know. The power has always been in the listening.

Here’s a good question you should ask yourself… When was the last time anyone said to you, “Thanks for taking the time to listen”? If it’s been a while, then work on becoming a better listener. Great listeners have great connections.

So when all is said and done, challenge your thinking and underlying beliefs, be more strategic, go after the relationship, connect the dots, make the connection, and always take the moment and dance with it.

Lastly, please provide some comments on this published article and share it with your friends and associates. I’d love to hear from you.


Ron Sukenick