Hi Ron – I am having a great time this week reading your book!

Ron Sukenick Networking

Your book is more than a book about networking. It is actually a guide on how to live a happy and fulfilling life!

The first 4 chapters have been a major revelation and wake up call for me. Though I am an extrovert, I always dreaded doing networking specifically for job hunting. Now I know why – I had many wrong ideas about networking.

Networking to find ways to give to other people instead of taking takes all the pressure and reluctance away.

Ironically, I knew that giving is its own reward in doing giving in church volunteer activities. So, now I can apply the Law of Reciprocity in job hunt networking!

I also liked the enlightenment of Chapter 3. Now every day I WILL look for things to be happy about rather than dwell on thinking about negative things. This is particularly important for me because I sometimes struggle with depression. You do actually find what you are looking for! So, why not look for happiness!

Chapter 4 has also changed my approach to networking. In the past, I always worried a lot about what questions to ask. Now I can relax and focus on listening and giving the other person the gift of my attention. Now I am very excited about networking, The dread is disappearing.

Though I wish that I had read this book 20 years ago, I am just thankful that I have been given the gift of this book and Ron’s guidance now!