Has the Art of Giving to One Another in Small Biz America Been Lost?

Ron Sukenick Networking

I’ve been involved in the world of small business networking for the last 30 years and in my opinion, the mentality of giving to others has shifted.

Business networking that is widely accepted and enjoyed by people in small business has become one of the most sought after marketing tools to grow a business.

While networking typically is viewed as a low cost marketing for less idea, it does require a great deal of discipline and hard work to build the kind of business opportunities one desires.

But today, I want to dig deeper into the gift of giving.

In fact, a great quote that I have loved and appreciated over the years has been William Blakely’s quote saying, “That you always give without remembering, and you always receive without forgetting.”

So what’s my gripe you ask? It’s simple… With no shortage of people networking and places to network at, everyone is looking for something.

You see, the mentality is one of – What can I get from this group? Or what can I get from this person?

What about this thought? – What can I give to this group? Or what can I give to this person?

President John F. Kennedy phrased it so well in the 1960’s when he said, “Ask not what this country can do for you, but what you can do for this country.”

So in closing, when we’re not able to attend a function or event, let’s simply accept the fact that when we’re not there, we’re not able to give.

As my mother always told me, the gift is always in the giving!