Are You Hearing What I Just Said?

Ron Sukenick Listening, Mindset, Networking, Relationships

Take 30, divide by half, add ten, the answer is?

Let me ask you one more time….

Take 30 divide by half add ten the answer is?

Now for those of you who answered twenty-five, that’s the correct answer, but to a different question.

You see, if I said take 30 and divide by two, that would be fifteen, and then if you added ten, the answer would be twenty-five.

But if you remember correctly, I suggested that you take 30 and that you divide by half. Half goes into 30, 60 times and when you add 10, the answer is 70.

My intention is not to present a tricky question, but rather to make a point.

Many of us respond quickly to the questions that we think are being asked. We don’t hear what is said. By doing so, we miss the real question, and the opportunity to respond with understanding and knowledge.

When we find ourselves not listening to others, it’s often a product of being bored, tired, hurried, or a dozen of other reasons that we come up with.

It doesn’t really matter what the reason is. The fact is, we assume we hear. We are not purposeful in our listening efforts.

To become a more purposeful listener, we first commit to listening, assuring that we indeed did hear the words that the person expressed.

We then ask questions and put into our own words to clarify that we understand what the other person is saying.

The light bulb pretty quickly goes on when we find that we have truly heard and truly do understand one another.

This is the kind of listening that helps reveal deeper feelings and needs.