Done For You LinkedIn Services




For many people, completing your LinkedIn profile not only takes time, but it takes knowing what makes your profile shine.

We’re thrilled to offer our award winning writing team to help build out your profile to the highest standard to help make the profile look as good as you look professionally.

There are 5 levels of strength on LinkedIn - 5 Star being the highest. It is the intention of this program to bring you up to the highest level.

It’s also important that your profile is fully optimized with key words and targeted towards your target audience.

Bringing your profile up to speed requires the following: 

  1. A compelling headline – Keyword and target audience focused
  2. An About section that is targeted to your target audience
  3. Your Experience section being well-populated
  4. Relevant and sought-after Skills added
  5. Recommendations would need to be added to to aid in social and professional credibility – (this requires your work with our guidance)
  6. Groups should be added for both best practices and your target market.
  7. The addition of Awards, Certifications, Trainings etc.


The process for building your profile requires you filling out our profile questionnaire and being available for an interview.

The investment for this to be written for you is $375.00




LinkedIn is by the largest business networking platform in the world. And making the right connections is paramount to building a successful Social Selling Relationship Building experience.

If you don’t have the time to build out a connection strategy, we can help!

Here is how it works:

My team will send out 1,000 connection requests per campaign to your targeted audience.

The main goal is to get you connected to them and then respond back with you being a resource for them.

The process works like this:

  1. Together we identify the types of people you want to connect with – CEO’s – CFO’s, Realtors, Insurance Professionals, Facility Managers etc.
  2. My team then will put together a list of those that are active on LinkedIn that are your targeted audience.
  3. We then submit the list to you for your approval.
  4. Once approved, we will then send out approx. 50 connection requests a day Monday thru Friday for a total of 250 a week for 4 weeks.
  5. The message that is sent is crafted by the both of us and would require your approval.
  6. The expectation is that a minimum of 20%+ of what is sent will convert to a first degree connection.
  7. Once you are connected with them, my team will then send a thanks for connecting response that is crafted by the both of us – and approved by you.
  8. In summary, while there is no guarantee on the amount of connections requests that are accepted, the expectation is that a minimum of 20% + of requests sent will accept your invite.  With that said, you can expect approximately 200 people will now be 1st degree connections.

The investment for this campaign is $375 per 1,000 connections sent + up to 200 responses to the accepted connection requests.