Done For You LinkedIn Services



Completing your LinkedIn profile not only takes time, but it requires an understanding of what makes it shine.

Our award-winning writing team will help build out your profile to the highest standard and make it look as good as you look professionally.

There are 5 levels of strength on LinkedIn - 5 Stars being the highest. This program will help bring you up to the highest level.

It’s also important that your profile is fully optimized with the right keywords and messaging to appeal to your target audience.

Bringing your profile up to speed requires the following:

  1. Create a compelling headline that is keyword and target audience focused.
  2. Write up an about section that clearly describes what you do and how you help your target audience.
  3. Populate your experience section with relevant roles and key accomplishments.
  4. Add relevant and sought-after skills.
  5. Get recommendations to aid in social and professional credibility (this requires your work with our guidance).
  6. Add groups so you can interact with your target audience.
  7. Add relevant education, awards, certifications, licenses, trainings, etc.

This process will require you to fill out our profile questionnaire and be available for an interview.

The investment for this service is $495.00.