13 ways to help you create impact at the point of interaction

Ron Sukenick Networking, Relationships, Strategy

1.Contribute – Always share ideas, information and your resources with others. 2.Make it a small world – Everyone you meet has something in common with you. Your job is to find out what that is. In helping you to make it a small world, always mention the names of people, places and things. You’ll be amazed on how people will respond when they find that you have experienced something or know someone in common. 3.Take …

How we think about work is changing

Ron Sukenick Human Capital, Strategy, Work

There is an old joke about two manufacturing employees. The first worker asks: “Is your job in jeopardy?” The second worker responds: “No, my job is very secure. It’s me they can do without.” More and more individuals are becoming entrepreneurs, both in response to their desire to navigate their own destiny, and from reengineering, downsizing, and rightsizing that has occurred within their organizations. These new entrepreneurs are looking at each other for markets, for …


Ron Sukenick Life, Quality, Strategy

Quality of life considerations and the diversity of our times challenge us to pay attention to how we approach business relationships. Family and life balance issues have always been critical issues for most people. Now, more and more individuals are making decisions based on that which is most important to them.

The world as we know it

Ron Sukenick Netbeing, Networking, Strategy

A changing world has narrowed the boundaries of the world and opened up opportunities that two short decades ago would not have been imagined. A fast paced economy calls for interfacing with others in multifaceted ways, and our relationship web now extends throughout the world. Therefore, the 21st century provides unique opportunities and challenges in building business and personal relationships. NetBeing focuses the state of concentration on meeting challenges with greater and greater ease.