Looking Back to Move Forward

Ron Sukenick Relationshift, Relationship Mindset, Relationships

While I have always felt I understood the value of relationship with others, it was not until I wrote my 2nd book – “The Power is in the Connection”  that I realized that relationships do not have to end was reinforced. Let me take a few moments to share this experience with you. The times in my life that I have always treasured are my teenage years. During those years, I sought to find my …

Live Life Purposefully: The Relationship Within

Ron Sukenick Life, Purpose, Relationship Mindset

Personal awareness and self-knowledge emerges out of self-reflection. Through this knowledge, you clarify your intentions for your life! What is the fire within you that is unique to you? Once you see your life purpose more clearly, you will make more purposeful choices, and better see yourself, the person in front of you, and the opportunities that are possible together.

Are you hearing what I just said?

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Take 30, divide by half, add ten, the answer is? Let me ask you one more time. Take 30 divide by half add ten the answer is? Now for those of you who answered twenty-five that’s the correct answer but to a different question. You see if I said take 30 and divide by two that would be fifteen and then if you added ten, the answer would be twenty-five. But if you remember correctly, …

Interdependence…. Dependence…. Independence….. Interdependence

Ron Sukenick Interdependence, Relationship Mindset

Understanding this keeps us mindful of continually developing interdependence for ourselves and recognizing our contributions to the success and potential of another. As part of a larger interdependent world, we have the continued opportunity to receive and give back, becoming liberated and independent contributing to liberation and independence for others. One of the central features of relationships then is our awareness of interdependence. We move from seeing ourselves as separate from one another, to seeing …