It’s About Knowing People

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What I’ve grown to realize and accept over the years is this one simple fact. The more we know about people, the more likely we can help. But the real question is this: What does it take to know people? How about this for an answer: What I’ve learned from years of interaction and observation, is that it takes approximately 2000 hours to get to know anyone. To put this into perspective, let me illustrate …

Live Life Purposefully: The Relationship Within

Ron Sukenick Life, Purpose, Relationship Mindset

Personal awareness and self-knowledge emerges out of self-reflection. Through this knowledge, you clarify your intentions for your life! What is the fire within you that is unique to you? Once you see your life purpose more clearly, you will make more purposeful choices, and better see yourself, the person in front of you, and the opportunities that are possible together.