Ron interviewed by Chief Chick at Chicks Connect

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Jewels Muller, Chief Chick of Chicks Connect interviewed me about networking through the years. Chicks Connect is a movement dedicated to inspiring women to grow personally and professionally by connecting, supporting and encouraging one another. Inspiration, Accountability, Love, Fun and Support are a few of the amazing benefits of coming together and forming mastermind groups in your hometown. Listen to the podcast here:

Hi Ron – I am having a great time this week reading your book.!

Ron Sukenick Networking

Your book is more than a book about networking. It is actually a guide on how to live a happy and fulfilling life! The first 4 chapters have been a major revelation and wake up call for me. Though I am an extrovert, I always dreaded doing networking specifically for job hunting. Now I know why – I had many wrong ideas about networking. Networking to find ways to give to other people instead of …

Making the most from your Networking efforts as you move into the year 2014

Ron Sukenick Networking

As I move closer to any new year, I always have a tendency to self-reflect and ask the following question – What can I do to create a bigger impact in how I network, and at the same time, support the networking efforts of others. Listed below are some suggestions you might consider paying attention to.  Here are my 15 top suggestions for greater networking success in 2014 1. Invest more TIME with people (do …

Three Simple Steps to Deepen Your Network

Ron Sukenick Networking

 By Ken Williams and Ron Sukenick Author’s of the recent Amazon best seller – 21 Days to Success through Networking – “The Life and Times of Gnik Rowten”  In the midst of increasing world tension, political stalemates, and government inaction, people across the country (as well as around the world) are affected by the current state of the world.  The sluggish economy has affected millions of incomes, and people are realizing that they need to …