It’s About Knowing People

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What I’ve grown to realize and accept over the years is this one simple fact. The more we know about people, the more likely we can help. But the real question is this: What does it take to know people? How about this for an answer: What I’ve learned from years of interaction and observation, is that it takes approximately 2000 hours to get to know anyone. To put this into perspective, let me illustrate …

Has this ever happened to you?

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Have you ever been to a networking event where you stumbled successfully upon an individual and before you can introduce yourself, they take the lead and start telling you everything you can imagine about them self? Now picture this. They’re doing all the talking, and you can’t seem to get a word in edge wise. After approximately five minutes, they say “It was a pleasure meeting you,” and then they leave to go find someone …

Providing a joyful experience to others

Ron Sukenick Being Joyful, Joy, Netbeing, Networking, Relationships

In my first book, “Networking Your Way to Success”, I addressed nine networking strategies. One of those strategies was act like a host, never a guest. Let’s expand on that strategy and explore the real power of providing a joyful experience to others. The word Joy comes from the Latin word gaudium, meaning “pleasure, gladness and happiness.” Its inherent nature is one of sudden surprise. Joy also shows many sides and arises as a result …

The world as we know it

Ron Sukenick Netbeing, Networking, Strategy

A changing world has narrowed the boundaries of the world and opened up opportunities that two short decades ago would not have been imagined. A fast paced economy calls for interfacing with others in multifaceted ways, and our relationship web now extends throughout the world. Therefore, the 21st century provides unique opportunities and challenges in building business and personal relationships. NetBeing focuses the state of concentration on meeting challenges with greater and greater ease.