Chief Relationship Officer Coaching Program

Ron Sukenick Speaking PresentationsWho is safeguarding your assets?

Your CFO watches the money, your CIO monitors the technology, your COO protects the integrity of the day-to-day operations, and your CEO secures the future of the company.

And yet, most companies neglect to look after and nurture their most essential assets: the valuable relationships on which their business is built.

It’s time to add a CRO to your company’s security force.

What is a Chief Relationship Officer?

Every relationship related to your company is money in the bank, either earned or lost. From the salesperson’s list of warm prospects to the guy in shipping who knows who to call in a pinch, your relationships are the foundation of your company, and the predictor of its future success.

The Chief Relationship Officer protects these relationships, and facilitates the ongoing development of new and beneficial relationships that serve your bottom line.

What does a CRO do?

Just as your CIO keeps vigilant watch over your technology so that each computer and peripheral works together as they should, so does the CRO manage the way your people work together, and the way they connect with the outside world.


  • Designs and implements the organization’s plan for Relationship Strategies Asset Management.
  • Teaches every individual in the organization how to establish, assess, maintain, and improve every relationship they have with co-workers, supervisors, team members, and staff.
  • Trains employees how to develop, nurture, and secure those invaluable client relationships.
  • Facilitates growth and renewal between parties struggling with a relationship.
  • Oversees transition as people are added or leave the team.
  • Monitors the relationship environment with the same vigilance as the CFO monitors the bottom line.

How can a CRO help my business?

He can secure relationships with clients when their company contacts are replaced by new contacts, so the client stays with the company, not the contact

He can improve productivity by improving relationships horizontally and vertically

He can multiply the number of relationships your salespeople have by showing them more effective ways to build their networks

Want more examples?

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