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The Relationship Strategies Digital Blueprint is a tailor-made online presence report that is designed to help you understand what a Google search and your social profiles reveal about you.  Upon purchase, you will be provided a link that will take you to an online questionnaire about your business and your social media profiles.  Allow around 30 minutes to complete the questionnaire.  Once completed, the Relationship Strategies Digital Blueprint document will be compiled and forwarded directly to you.  Here is a summary of the type of data that will be reported to you:

  • Social Channel Summary shows your profiles on the major social networks.
  • What Google is finding  shows Google search results for your name and company name. You may see different results in Google on your own computer because we use an unfiltered/clean search for web and image.
  • The SEO Word Cloud is created from publicly available data connected to your own name and your company’s name. We gather data (profile summaries and what you are saying on the different platforms) these are uploaded it into a Natural Language Programming Engine and Machine Learning software. The results show how people searching for you might find you using a combination of the selected words. A more detailed look at these words is provided as well.
  • Overall Warmth Graph is a comparison of your overall social presence to the different types of people that influence your professional network and reputation. We collect data on a sample of other employees in your company, your customers and your competitors.
  • Detailed LinkedIn Profile Overview is a point-by-point look at your LinkedIn profile compared to best practices for social selling success.
  • LinkedIn Profile Keyword Assessment breaks down the copy in your LinkedIn Profile and reports the keywords that show up most often in your profile. The report cross references the LinkedIn list of “most overused words in English language profiles across the world” to make sure you aren’t relying heavily on any buzzwords that could potentially hurt your credibility and search results.
  • Additional Keyword Reports include a list of recommended keywords, your top client keywords, and your top competitor keywords.
  • Artificial Intelligence Generated Personality Profile is an estimation of your personality type according to the DISC method. Soon A.I. will be doing more than just personality profiling based on your online profiles and this should underline the importance of having a representative presence online.
  • Digital Engagement Plan Worksheet is used to help you think about what is important in your social media strategy

Once you have received your report, this product INCLUDES a one-hour coaching session to better help you make sense of the information and to offer guidance in using the information to rejuvenate your online presence and LinkedIn profile.  To schedule this coaching session, you may email Ron directly at or schedule a phone conversation by clicking this link

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