Is peace, hope and security a pipe dream?

Ron Sukenick Networking

Is peace, hope and security a pipe dream? Will we ever see a world devoid of man’s inhumanity to man, where crime, war and terrorism are things of the past rather than the present and future?

Two Indianapolis businessmen, Ron Sukenick and Joe Newman, believe it is possible to change the world with a process which starts with character development. The pair has introduced Little Rox (, a “rock-in-a-box” to deliver and reinforce messages based on character traits.

20 distinct rocks, such as granite, obsidian, sandstone, shale and marble are matched with one of the twenty characteristics Sukenick and Newman hope people will embrace. The complete package includes a rock, a book, a printed character trait and The Declaration for Humanity.

According to Sukenick, “Joe and I felt if people worldwide adopted character traits such as benevolence, deference, dependability, forgiveness, generosity, honesty and humility, it would have a significant impact on mankind. To support our Little Rox, we created a Declaration for Humanity, modeled after the Declaration of Independence. Our goal is to get commitments from as many people as possible to join us in this important mission.”

“Each Little Rox is imbued with a personality and quotes attributed to the rock. For example, Granite, one of the 20 featured Little Rox said, “It is an enormous project with 6.6 billion people in the world, but there are more rocks than people and we can get this message out. Little Rox Can Make a Big Difference,” added Newman.

The legendary Don Quixote describes his quest by saying, “To dream the impossible dream…” To us, stated Sukenick, the impossible dream is a world of peace, hope and security. We hope the Little Rox get the message across…it starts with character development.”

Ron Sukenick is President of Relationship Strategies Institute; Joe Newman is CEO of the American Basketball Association (ABA). For more information, call Ron Sukenick at 317 216 8210 or Joe Newman at 317 844 7502 or email Ron at rs @ or visit