How to Use LinkedIn to Improve Your Career, Grow Your Network, and Become a Social Media Master

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Social Media platforms have become astronomically popular over the past two decades. It has become a part of our daily lives, personally and professionally. As authors, we would like to maintain a special connection with our audience. But where should we start? You’re not alone if you feel overwhelmed by all the social media platforms out there—Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIN, and more. It has become increasingly difficult to decide what platform to use. …

Sukenick Featured in Networking Times Today

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Ken Williams and I were featured in Networking Times blog— the “Huffington Post” for Network Marketing Professionals. Networking Times is a bi-monthly educational journal that helps network marketing professional build the right skill sets and mindset to be successful in their business. The topic: 5 Ways to Ramp Up Your Visibility   Read the full article in Networking Times Today »


Ron Sukenick LinkedIn Training

In 2007, Jason Alba wrote the book, “I’m on LinkedIn, Now What?” It’s 9 years later, and I’m totally amazed that a large percentage of business professionals are still saying the same thing. With over 400 million people worldwide and approximately 115 million in the United States, if you are truly serious about building your business and your online reputation, the time has come for you to start embracing the power of LinkedIn. Let’s take …

Why Attorneys should Embrace LinkedIn

Ron Sukenick LinkedIn Training

With more than 400 million people using LinkedIn, including an estimated 800,000 attorneys, LinkedIn has become the most popular business-¬to–business social networking site. In fact, according to the American Bar Association’s TECHREPORT 2014, 56% of law firms and 75% of individual lawyers use LinkedIn for professional purposes. From researching cases to developing new business to seeking local counsel to looking for new employment opportunities, LinkedIn is a valuable tool for attorneys. However, many lawyers still …